The journey.

Hello I am Christie.

This Is my back story. 

I wasn't always the typical "girly, girl". You would often find me laying on the dirty, greasy and cluttered floor of my dads shed. Intrigued with his old cars, I was sure my future would involved some sort of mechanical career. Well, I got that wrong and did a full 360 when I turned 15. Although I still hadn't gone through the beauty stage of a teenage girl, I wanted to leave school. My mother suggested that I do my diploma in beauty therapy.

It turns out I was utterly obsessed with the beauty industry and still am 14 years on. At the age of 19 I purchased a boutique beauty salon in the hills of Perth. Working a second job at a local pub while the beauty salon started growing. I always lived by the saying "rest when you're dead" far too seriously and it took its toll eventually. The stress of owning a business from such a young age really affected my mental and physical health and I started to get a skin condition called psoriasis. After 3-4 years of owning the salon I decided to sell and focus more on myself, take a break.

In early January 2018 my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They started intensive chemo and radiation treatment pretty much immediately. A part of the side effects of the treatments he has unbelievably itchy and sore skin. I felt like there was nothing I could do, so I started researching into holistic remedies. I stumbled upon essential oils and other botanicals that had benefits that could have helped ease the irritation on my dad's skin.

I started creating a body oil and bath soak to help soothe his skin and help reduce the inflammation and irritation and this is where the first "grace town" range began. Although I still love working and providing beauty services my dream was to always create my own natural skincare range.  After many years of telling myself "it's too hard, expensive and complicated" I finally took a leap for what might be the best thing I have ever started. 


Our mission

My mission is to have a brand that brings people together for a chuckle, education on eco friendly and sustainable products that are filled with natural vegan friendly ingredients that work on your skin. My mission is to make change to an industry that is so overflowing with plastic covered, chemical filled skincare. 

With love,

Christie x