Our biodegradable packaging


A more sustainable future with biodegradable, compostable and eco friendly packaging starting here with the bod society. Our day and night creams are in PLA plastic pots which are a special formulation of natural materials that create the look and feel of plastic but can break down in landfill, composted, recycled and more. 

Ways to dispose of your PLA plastic 

Composting- PLA can be 100% biodegradable within 180 days under composting conditions. The best environment for breaking down PLA is in soil, water and sunlight. 

Landfill- It is slower for PLA to biodegrade in landfill than it is in a composting environment which takes about 2-3 years normal plastics take over 1,000 years to break down in landfill with more environmental impacts. The final outcome causes no pollution to the underground water, no harm to plants and wastes no cultivated land. 

Recycle- The regrind of PLA can be completely reusable. 

Incineration- The combustion heat of PLA is low, when sufficiently burned, recode only producesCO2 and H20 and causes no pollution to the air. 



We have a range of products that are in biodegradable paper/card packaging which is completely biodegradable in landfill and composting. This is an alternative to plastic and other hard materials.  

Welcome to the seed & smudge project.
This is something I created & that I feel intense love for. For your first order that contains one of our bio degradable tube products you will receive a seedling packet. My mission is for our brand to keep giving back to our pretty earth & customers. So we have come up with our seed & smudge project. Basically our packaging will be used as a pot for you to start a little garden, Eventually the tubes will break down and nourish back into the earth leaving behind a beautiful living plant. This means that your purchase has contributed to zero waste & has reproduced floral which helps with the bees & purifying the air.
The best part is that we have 5 seedling packets to collect. Sage, rosemary, lavender, German chamomile & calendula. You will receive one packet per order, this is a FREE gift for our customers. In return we would LOVE to see your seedlings grow. Tag us on Instagram & Facebook so we can share the joy. It doesn’t end there either, If you noticed the herbs & flowers we have selected are all the essentials for creating your own cleansing smudge stick…. I know, bloody ripper of an idea. So once your seedlings flourish into thick dense bushes you can harvest your herbs & flowers to create your own smudge sticks.


Once you have finished using your products you can then recycle the tubes as a seed pot. Simply remove any remaining product and fill each tube with soil, add a couple of seedlings, water daily & leave in the sunshine. Make sure you place your bio tubes in the garden so when they start to break down they will do so into soil leaving behind a beautiful plant.


Why use glass and how is it more eco friendly.

Glass doesn't contain BPA or chemical additives therefore it doesn't leach hazardous chemicals into its contents. glass is non toxic and less porous which makes it harder to be damaged by environmental factors which means it can be recycled multiple times without the quality being diminished.