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PLA Recycling and Composting

We ♡ eco packaging and always have. Right from the birth of The Bod Society, we knew the amount of single-use plastic had to stop, and this really was the catalyst for the eco packaging we have today. 

We're constantly evolving and researching the most sustainable ways to package the products you love, without the burden of those bottles remaining in landfill for decades to come.

You asked and we delivered! After consulting with our eco babes (you beautiful people!), it was decided to remove glass bottles from some of our range. We understand, with glass, you do need to be extra careful with the way your store and handle your products and we can appreciate that glass isn't always the most user-friendly product when you're using it in the shower, which is what has brought us to PLA (cornstarch packaging).

With that being said, it is incredibly important that your PLA packaging is composted and NOT recycled with other non-PLA plastics.

Read on for more info...

What is PLA?

PLA stands for Polylactic Acid and our PLA packaging is made from fermented corn starch, which is a renewable plant source.

Why we ♥ PLA

There are SO many reasons to love PLA, and if it's composted properly, it really is the best answer to our ever-increasing landfill problem. 

  • PLA Production is kinder to the earth, producing approximately 70% less greenhouse gas emissions!
  • Composted in a commercial facility, it only takes up to 12 weeks for your packaging to biodegrade. 
  • PLA is made from fermented, highly renewable plant sources.

All you need to do is collect 10 of our product bottles/sachets (cleansers, refill pouches and sheet mask sachets) and email with your full name and address. We'll post you out the return satchel so you can easily drop your items at a post office with your next order.

Commercial Compost Facility

Once we have a large amount of packaging to recycle/compost. We then make a trip to a commercial composting and recycling facility to ensure your packing doesn't end up in landfill.


The products that are compostable will break down at around 12 weeks in a commercial composting facility - this means that your packaging wont exist on the earth anymore, unlike normal plastic which can take over 450 years to decompose! (it's unbelievable, but true).

Want a FREE Vegan Lip Balm on your next order?

To encourage and promote our new recycling and composting program, we're offering you a FREE lip balm on your next order. 


This will be automatically added to your next order.


  1. Lip balms will be added to your next order, after we have processed your packaging return
  2. Limited to one lip balm per customer, per calendar month.
  3. Lip balm flavours are picked at random.
  4. Cannot be redeemed for cash or a store credit (sorry).

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  • Good info! Never knew what to do with PLA. Wish there were more composting facilities, but it’s awesome you’re going above and beyond to get the PLA to the right place. Kudos! 👌

    Abe on

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