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Yes! we are and certified by Vegan australia & Peta for our vegan and cruelty free certifications.

I am so proud to say our skincare products are all hand made in Australia.

We have a mixture of organic & all natural ingredients throughout our ranges. Using essential oils & natural sources to create each product. We are not currently certified organic but this is a goal of ours for the future.

We proudly support an incredible organisation called Greener Pastures Animal Sanctuary. Located in the quaint town of Waroona, Perth. The ladies and Men who work around the clock to take care of abused, neglected and farm animals to give them a better life have created this beautiful sanctuary. A non for profit organisation that hopes to open its gates to the public & schools giving kids and adults the opportunity to connect with the animals.

It is always advised to do a patch test with all products prior to use on the face. This can be done on the inner arm or behind the ear, wait 24 hours to check for any reaction.

In the unlikely event of a reaction please remove product from the skin immediately and apply a cold compress until irritation subsides. Please email us at with your product, batch number located on the bottom of your product, your receipt & images of your skin.

If you are unsure of what would be suit your skin please send us a message on our socials @thebodsociety or email us so we can give you a free skin consult.

If you would like to become a wholesale stockist please send us an email so we can chat further.