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This time last year I was writing down the beginning of this little brand. My vision & everything I ever wanted. WOW! how so much has changed in a year already and I am super thankful for all the challenges, love & support.
So what have we done for our first Christmas!?

Luxurious white glass candles with natural soy, scented with coconut vanilla.

Christmas gift bags filled with three of our favourite products. Body oil, coffee scrub & vegan lip balm. Beautifully packed in a calico Christmas bag.

Get lippy duo box filled with two of our new vegan lip balms .

We have also had some major changes in our brand and have new products/ingredients & packaging. I am sure there will be more changes to come as we grow and new ingredients become available, but for now we are so over the moon with our style, morals & ranges we have created this past year. Our new body scrubs have had some big changes but with a smaller price- UM WHO WOULDN’T LOVE THAT!

So we now have two sugar/salt scrubs and one coffee body scrub. We have done this because the feedback we had received was mixed about having all three coffee scrubs so we decided to make some changes to suit every “body”. We also added organic jojoba oil & sourced WA sea salt. The bags are smaller but there is 50g more scrub in each. With our new white, black and gold theme to tie it in with the rest of our products.

Bath salts! we have been trying to perfect these and we are so stoked with our new salts. Taking it back to basics with WA sea salt & Epsom salts. We have added a few extra little thangs to make them look, smell & feel beautiful in your tub and on your skin. In our new bio degradable packaging as we want to reduce the amount of plastic used in our products.


Okay this is by far my favourite thing I have created yet. A beautiful little ECO FRIENDLY/BIO DEGRADABLE black tube with a hint of rose gold foil is oozing elegance. It has been so important to me to find packaging that sits with my morals. We had these Eco friendly tubes custom made with recycled materials. Our new lip balms are completely vegan friendly and cruelty free, this is something very important to me and my brand to have all of my products in line with this.

Our “Get lippy” caption was inspired by my some what potty mouth and sassy attitude- ha ha

My husband would say “dont get lippy with me Christie” If i began to get a bit sassy with him so we thought what a perfect fit for our lip balms. These lip balms have some of the richest oils you can have on your lips, including coconut oil, sweet almond, avocado oil, vitamin E & fruit oil. I also wanted to have a natural lip flavoring so we ordered ORGANIC certified lip balm flavoring from america!- How cool is that?

So there we have it, our first Christmas all wrapped up with a range of beautiful & cheeky new products.

Have you finished your chrissy shopping yet? need ideas? or some inspo?
Read our last blog & have a scroll through our online store.

Wishing you all a very marry Christmas, with full hearts,full bellies & laughter.

Much love,

Christie xx

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