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It's almost 2023...excuse me what!? Not sure when that happened but anywho. It's that time of year again when we all make new year's resolutions that don't always stick.

I know you feel me with that one, So we have decided to give you some tips & insight from the "mastermind" herself Breanna from Miss Mindset!

 This blog is going to give you the juicy details of our very own top 10 personal growth tips we are implementing for 2023 - simple things you can add into your daily, weekly or monthly routine, while Breanna gives you the evidence of how it works. 

1. Celebrate Your Wins!

We know, everyone leads a busy life, which sometimes means that we forget to celebrate our wins, big & small. Instead we sometimes focus on what and where we're going next, rather than taking some time to appreciate our own hard work and successes.

One night this week take 15 minutes to reflect on the last year. It's a good idea to have a look through your photos and videos on your phone and socials to remind yourself of some of the special moments you had.

Look deeper into what made you feel the most happy and excited and zone in on those events. Think about doing more of the stuff that made you FEEL good in 2022 and do it again in 2023.  

For example, I did this last week and realised how much JOY I got from going on a family holiday even though it was only for a few days. The photos and videos brought back memories of family connection, laughter and relaxation. I now know that I want MORE of that in 2023 

Take a walk down memory lane and find the things that made the best memories for you, even if it was just going on a hike somewhere new, going to different cafes, journaling, catching up with friends and family.

2. Make More Time For YOU

This is something I find really hard to do but going to personally try to be more mindful of it in 2023.  Saying NO.  We all want to get as much done in a day as we can, but it's also important to recharge our batteries, and to do this, sometimes we just have to politely say no to those invitations, events, calls and messages, to put ourselves first and focus on what we need at that time. 

A great way to work out whether or not you should say no to something is to go back to how it makes you feel. If you get an invite from someone to an event how does your body react? Do you feel instantly tense and anxious- That's probably a no scenario, if you feel excited and pumped up then it's probably a yes! Use this as a guide for this year as to how you want to spend your time and energy. 

3. You are who you are around most 

This is a cool fun fact; there is evidence to show that your personality can be influenced by the five people you are around most.

So in saying that, it is so important to surround yourself with other aligned humans. This doesn't mean to cut ties or end friendships, this is more a nudge to make sure that you are staying within your alignment and values. I believe friendships come in waves and depending on where you are in life is to who will be around at that time, and if some friendships are not then I guarantee ( in my experience) they will come back at another time in your life, hence the wave. 

Look back at what friendships stood out to you last year, It could be someone new, a work friend, online friend or family member.

WHO made you feel excited, happy, supported and loved or even just one of those things. 

The idea of this is not only to find the most extravagant, exciting and happy moments but the little sweet spots, the beautiful delicate wins and the relationships that ultimately gave you joy, no matter the measure. 


Goal setting The Bod Society

Set FIVE short-term goals and TWO long-term goals. PUT THEM EVERYWHERE! Get a whiteboard marker and write them on your bathroom mirror, create a phone, laptop and ipad wallpaper. Speak them to yourself everyday. 

The key to this is repetition, keeping it in your mind and in your focus. A great way to get to the bigger goals is to create micro goals to get there. For example,  If one of your goals is to become healthier in 2023, then you may want to break that down into smaller achievable goals over time, rather than cutting everything out straight away. Your first goal could be to cut out soft drink and replace it with a soda stream using natural flavourings- Think outside the box to get you to shifting habits.

The best thing about doing micro goals that lead to your big goals is that you keep seeing progress, which helps to continually motivate you.

5. Organisation for important things 

If there are certain important things you want to implement into your days/weeks and months then organise it in advance.

Something like going on date night, If that's a core value and important element to your relationship, then book it in!

We recently sat down and organised the next six months of date nights and I feel so excited and relieved to know that they are ready to go. We started off by working out one day a month that works best for us and asked a family member/friend if they are free to babysit (if you don't have kids then you have no excuse really¬†ūüėČ)

Once the date was set in our calendar we googled fun couple dates to do and booked them in. We paid and booked in advance so all we have to do is turn up. 

If going to the gym is an important value to your life then lock in days you can go regularly or find someone to keep you accountable and be consistent.

You're wanting to spend more time with your friends or family? BOOK in a night well in advance. Most people have a busy lifestyle so organising special catch ups in advance gives you all the opportunity to make it work. 

I feel like the key to following through with these kinds of values is to physically book it in and pay for it. No one wants to cancel on a babysitter, let someone down or lose money so we are more inclined to show up. Obviously things pop up and you can always postpone your organised special things, but starting with a routine and getting excited about it is a great way to start a habit for the things that create joy in your life. 


Breanna's Tips (Miss Mindset):

 1. Reflection First

Before starting any goal or growth journey, look backwards for the lessons; our experiences are our greatest teacher. What brought joy? What made you proud? What moments feel treasured? Take the lessons into the New Year.

 2. Clarity

Start everything with the end in mind so that you’re not living unconsciously, so that everything is a DECISION. Get some clarity on how you want life to look and feel. My tip here is to align everything with your values - what is MOST important to you? Side note: Clarity usually comes from ACTION so for anyone who is lacking clarity - start by just experimenting, trialling things and allowing yourself to test, pivot and enjoy the process.

3. The Company You Keep

Have the right people in your corner; the people who genuinely want to best for you, who bring out the best in you and who expand you in some way.

4. Create SPACE

To become something new, we need to open space to let new things in. What do you need to make space for?

5. Forever Be a Student of Life

Be willing to learn, to try new things, to know yourself more. To fall and get up; this is how we build confidence, resilience and the ability to grow, even when life gives us lemons.

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