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The chilly nights wrapped up in my flannelette pajamas with a hot cup of tea (yes I am a nanna by night) is my absolute favorite time of year. The moody deep grays and blue in the sky creating a swirling wind lifting up leaves and sprinkling rain drops onto the earth. Ahhh that's the stuff dreams are made of, literally. I sleep the best and most rested while falling asleep to a stormy winter night. 

A few little tips to keeping your skin glowing, hydrated & plump this winter! 

Who knew you needed to focus more on your skin in winter? I mean its covered in jeans and jackets, right? Yeah, That's the problem ladies. Due to all the layers and fabric rubbing on our precious skin it becomes dehydrated not to mention the hot showers and heaters.

Surely, I am not the only one who is guilty of loving a scorching hot shower on a cold winters morning/night? This ladies is unfortunately the worst thing to do to your skin and here is why.

Steamy hot showers cause inflammation to the skin which then makes you itchy, dry and sometimes can cause peeling. This is due to it stripping all the natural oils, fats & proteins in your skin. You'll notice a tight dry feeling when you hop out of the shower... that's the skin being stripped from its natural oils.  So, although I do love a hot shower it’s time to cool it down to maintain and protect our skin. 

This is a prime reason to make sure you lather on one of our body oil's after every shower. Without moisture in your skin it becomes dull, cracked, aged & loses its firm tone. A key element to anti-aging & repair. 

Okay so I get it, its bloody cold BUT having the heater cranked day & night literally SUCKS the moisture from your skin. Air conditioners and heaters can unbalance the skins natural moisture and aggravate skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis. There is a few things you can do if you work in an office or somewhere where the air con is on day in day out.

Moisturize your skin heavier in the morning, by adding a little more than usual. Drink water! this is a huge one because the heaters dehydrate your whole body not just your skin. Try having 3-4 liters a day and avoiding any soda or energy drinks. If you sleep with the air con on try a cool humidifier to retain moisture while you sleep. 

I am generally all about comfort and one thing I absolutely LOVE at the end of a cold winters night is getting into my flannelette sheets and hopping under the doona. One thing I never knew is that when I applied my night oil it felt like it had all been rubbed off, well having thick cotton or flannelette sheets start to absorb the oil so a little tip before bed is to wait 5-10 minutes after you put your oil on to allow enough time for it to sink into your skin. I have also heard that silk sheets are the best to use if you suffer from irritated/dry skin. 

Exfoliation is going to be your bestie this winter. Due to dry dead skin it is sometimes hard for your moisturizers to absorb though the thickened layer. By doing a full body exfoliation 1-2 times a week it will help to remove the dead skin cells revealing fresh luminous skin that can easily absorb body oils & creams. 

My full body routine during winter is below.



So, this winter make sure you take a few helpful tips from us and keep your skin luminously hydrated. Your skin will thank you.


Christie xo

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