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What is mothers day to you? 

Until now I have never really thought about it to be honest and I want to get a little real with you guys. I am sure some will relate and others will really appreciate.

 I am from a small sometimes dysfunctional family, so events like mothers day we rarely did much- to no ones fault, its just our "normal". I have always dreamed of having that extreamly close "mother daughter connection" ya know, like the cute coffee dates & movie nights but it just never happened for us. My friends would say how annoying their mum's were by being so involved and "nosy", when that's all I craved. My mother worked really hard as a single parent to give us everything we needed and I will be forever grateful for all the lessons I have learnt,the experiences we have shared and the independence we have gained. Part of those lessons was her moving over east to find a better job, unfortunately as kids we didn't want to move from our friends & schooling. so Although we have had a lot of lost time we are making up for that now. 

In the last year the bond between my family has grown & it makes me so excited to become a mother myself one day. Although I am dreading the "I told you so" ha ha. I want to make new memories, filled with love, laughter & conversation. The one thing I wish i said more to my mother is " thank you, you have been & done more than enough, I love you."  I really never thanked her for the endurance & resilience she had for raising us children. Especially me, I was always up to mischief. Climbing the dining room chairs to get the chocolates off the table & up the side of the pool fence. She called me Houdini.

Okay so we all have that one, maybe two bestie's who we kinda adopt their mumma's right? I cant be the only one- ha ha.

For those gorgeous mumma's I am so thankful for, the ones that have surround me in my life so far. The women that show so much strength, reliance & love to not only their own children but to others. The mothers who take all children under their wings and nurture them. You guys are the real queens and to be honest I think that's all mum's. They can't help themselves, its in their nature. 

I remember whenever I would just walk in ( yes i wouldn't knock, or just jump the back fence) to my bestie's houses & ask "whats for dinner mum", It was normal & I think they secretly loved it too. The after school dates & open hearted conversations we would have because I was too scared to tell my own mum. Little did I know they all talked anyway & she would find out that i stole $4 from her coin purse to buy lollies after school. 

This is the thing I love about motherhood, that no matter if you're a step mum, real mum, friend mum, adopted mum, mum in-law they all have this magical gift of nurture and as a woman I am so excited to one day become apart of this hood, because there ain't no hood like motherhood.

So I wish you all you yummy mummies out there an absolute love filled day xx

The unconditional love from a mother is just magic.

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