Hey there, let's talk packaging...

We're doing our part to eliminate as much landfill as possible. This has been a long and eye-opening journey and we are continually evolving as more information comes to light within the skincare and beauty industries.

What we've learned over the years is that even though some materials are recyclable and compostable, this doesn't necessarily mean that these items are being disposed of in the appropriate way, which has highlighted the major issue with our goverment infrastructure when it comes to recycling and composting within Australia and the lack of education around it.

What we've learned is that we're in short supply of commercial composting facilities, which are essential to breakdown more eco-friendly materials such as PLA (plant-based plastics).

What does this actually mean though? well, it means that our products made from PLA can be completely broken down within 12 weeks in a commercial composting facility - this is ultimately what we strive for and the best option available to reduce landfill and the negative impact the production and decomposition of plastics has on our earth, but without the proper composting facilities, consequently PLA is ending up in landfill due to people puting it in their recycling bin.

We've created a guide on how to recyle, dispose and compost your Bod products safely and you can check that out via the link below.

One tree planted for every $25+ order

Buy skincare, plant a tree

We've partnered with Ecologi to donate a tree for every $25+ order placed on our website.

Ecologi supports much-needed projects all over the world, including Australia.

From reforestation projects in Australia to wind power projects in the Honduras.

Check out our tree-planting stats HERE.


From our product packaging to our mailing and shipping packaging, we've chosen to opt for 100% recyclable materials, right down to the tape and filler beans that we use.

Chosing a more sustainable option for sending goods across the country and even to New Zealand doesn't mean we compromise on the safety of your products. We use alternatives to bubble wrap that are just as safe, to ensure your goods arrive safely.


Where possible, we have opted for compostable packaging to reduce the amount of packaging that ends up in landfill. 90% off our compostable range is home compostable, the other 10% requires a commercial composting facility.

To combat the issue of a lack of commercial composting facilities in Australia, we have developed a return process, so we can safely compost your old bottles for you.



We're excited to announce that the majority of our products will be available in refillable sachets, which will be 100% recyclable, sometime in the next 12 months.

This is something we have wanted to do for a long time, but it has taken a lot of research to ensure our sachets and pouches are easily recyclable but also durable enough to hold certain products and keep them fresh.

One of the main differences between our refill pouches and many others out there is that we have opted to remove the plastic pouring nozzle, so that each refill pouch is 100% recyclable and has less of a carbon footprint to produce them!

* Stats are based off how many units are sold and subject to the consumer recycling the packing appropriately.
* Greenhouse gas emissions data is provided by BioPak and is in relation to our PLA product packaging only.