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Acne The Bod Society

If you're someone who experiences acne, then the thought of an oil-based serum may have you feeling very unsure, but we're here to bust out some facts about oils for every skin type, including acne-prone skin.

We're a Perth-based certified vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand and we love helping our community Australian-wide with their skin concerns, which is why we're writing about oil production and acne-prone skin.

Why does acne-prone skin produce excess oil?

Usually this is because your skin has an imbalance in moisture, which causes the skin to compensate for the lack of moisture by overproducing oil.

What causes imbalances in moisture?

There can be quite a few contributing factors such as environmental and the type of cleanser you use. Some cleansers can be quite harsh and strip your skin of its natural oils.


How does oil help acne?

Specifically, our oil-based serum and gel-based serum (Illuminate Glow Oil and Breakout Serum) help balance your skin's moisture and oil production. 

The Glow Oil will help re-hydrate your skin with skin-loving oils including essential fatty acids and Vitamin E to help soothe and repair your skin.

The Breakout Serum helps repair your skin whilst absorbing excess sebum oil to maintain a healthy amount of natural oil. It also has antibacterial properties to help minimise future breakouts.

We recommend using both of these serums together for the best results.


Will my skin look oily if I use an oil-based serum?


Our oil-based serum is a light-weight serum that absorbs quickly and is perfect to apply under your regular moisturiser.

Instead of looking 'oily' your skin will feel conditioned and look more smooth. 


Breakout Serum + illuminate Glow Oil Serum The Bod Society Using both our Breakout Serum and our Illuminate Glow Oil will help keep your acne under control.


Real-life Results Using Our Products

Before and After Acne The Bod Society Illuminate Glow Oil and Breakout SerumThis is one of our beautiful customers , Amber, who has been using our products to help clear up her acne and dryness caused by hormonal changes after pregnancy. Amber began using the gentle nipple balm, soothe serum and eye balm to boost hydration and calm to the skin. Once the dryness/inflammation was healed she switched over to the balance detox milk cleanser, glow oil serum and Balance day and night creams. 

Amber's acne was mainly attributed to pregnancy hormones which caused these breakouts and irritations. After a few months of using our products, her skin has almost completely cleared up and has a healthy glow to it!

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