How to care for your Vegan, Eco-Friendly Luxe Makeup Brushes

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Vegan eco-friendly makeup brushes the bod society

Looking for a vegan and eco-friendly makeup brush set? We've gotchu! If you've been following our socials, you may have seen us recently release our new line of vegan and eco-friendly makeup brushes. These brushes are next level soft, easy to clean and they look so beautiful (if we do say so ourselves!).

Makeup Brush The Bod Society


These seriously soft brushes are made from high-quality synthetic fibres. Generally natural brushes (made from animal hair) are softer, but our synthetic bristles are so incredibly soft, you can have a brush that is not only cruelty-free, but is also eco-friendly, whilst maintaining a super-soft feel.

Bamboo Makeup Brushes Vegan The Bod Society


Apart from our bamboo handles looking beautiful, they are an incredible sustainable material and a great alternative to plastics and even some woods. 

Bamboo is a fast growing and a naturally renewable tree-like grass. It requires little maintenance to farm as it doesn’t need any pesticides or herbicides and very little water to grow.
Squeaky Brush Cleaner The Bod Society


We know, our brush bristles are so white, you may be thinking that they won't stay that way for long, BUT, with our specially formulated Squeaky Brush Cleaner, your brushes will stay squeaky clean! Our brush cleaner has an inbuilt texturised silicone cleaning matt, which thoroughly cleans and conditions your synthetic fibres, so they're squeaky clean!

Vegan sustainable makeup brushes The Bod Society

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