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So Christmas is fast approaching and I am not sure about you but I finished my chrissy shopping weeks ago- ha ha! I may be one of those crazy Christmas ladies.. maybe. The thought of going to the shops in December gives me major anxiety. The screaming children, running around adults, husbands buying everything in sight & then the dawdlers… you know the ones ha ha slowly browsing and stopping in the middle of foot traffic. I am a get in, get out kinda gal and even then I still dont like it. So a few tips I have for Christmas shopping below which may help you organised and budget this Christmas.

  1. write a list- Not a naughty or nice list ha ha. A list of people to buy for.

  2. budget for each person

  3. check if you can order online ( I prefer this)

  4. select either pick up or delivery with online shopping that way you dont have to wait in long lines & its already paid for.

  5. wrap presents as you get them- dont forget to put a tag with their name on it or you’ll forget ( ive done this for like 3 years in a row and loose track of who’s is who’s every time)

  6. grandparents love hand made thoughtful gifts so i usually make ginger bread or sugar cookies and pop a scratchy in a nice hand written card.

  7. most of my shopping is done online and I register to the emailing list so I can get some discount or free shipping.

  8. I try to buy locally made gifts for all the adults. There is always heaps of little markets around at this time of year so jump onto your local community page and check them out.

wallah! Christmas shopping is done!

This is my favourite time of year, I dont know why but I have always loved it. There is a certain magic about the weeks leading up to Christmas day. It brings everyone together, friends, family & work. So many social events start and people really try to make an effort.

The beautiful homes covered in twinkling fairy lights bringing families out of their homes, off their ipad’s / tv’s and electronics to come and see what others have created. Some of a families best memories surround Christmas and inspired the imagination of children.

Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to experience this magical time. Families that are less fortunate, parents fleeing domestic violence, homeless, drug abuse, mental illness & children in abusive homes. Something I feel very strongly about is supporting ( if you are able) foundations in place to help those that are in desperate need of even just basic living essentials.

There are a few charities below that I encourage you to this year make a small donation of money or even food, clothes & toys. I have linked their pages for you to have a look at.



Kmart & Salvation army



It is the time of year for giving after all, This year we have donated 10 boxes to operation Christmas child, The bod Society products into the share the dignity fundraiser & the smiths family charity. My husband and I are lucky enough to be in the position we are now to be able to donate and create a tiny bit of joy for those who may not get it. As a little girl we didn’t have much besides hand me downs or my mother would work ridiculous hours to provide us with the things we so desperately needed. As a single parent i can only imagine how difficult it must be to try and keep the joy of Christmas around when you are scraping on the bones of your butt, I am forever thankful for the spirit my mother gave us even at the hardest of times. So this year I urge you to donate that $5 to a charity and pop it in a card for someone as a gift, or drop off some canned food to a local woman’s shelter, Everyone deserves to share the magic of Christmas and the smallest gesture can create so much happiness.


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