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Hello lovers,

I hope you all had an epic break over Christmas & new year. I was holidaying in Malaysia with my hubbo and had a much needed rest, By rest I mean waterfall hikes, scooter rides, adventure & food ha ha. It was so good to have a refreshed mind coming into 2019. I’ll be real honest with you here, at the end of 2018 I was struggling quite bad and I was ready to shut down The Bod Society to reduce my stress. Running two businesses, A house and a small farm of animals took its toll. While also trying to sustain relationships, friendships, have nice hair, keep up my tan & eat good food, I just couldn’t do it. I had pretty much set in my mind that by the end of January I would be closed.

BUT while on holidays I noticed how much plastic pollution was in the oceans around Malaysia. It was actually revolting to see how bad our beautiful earth has been treated. My industry of beauty & cosmetics has a huge impact on this, so from then I became re-inspired. My new mission for The Bod Society is to try make my whole brand biodegradable or in more sustainable packaging & remove all plastics. This is something I am becoming more and more aware of how just one choice in a brand can make such a big impact.

So i figure if i create a luxury, natural, vegan, ethical skin care brand that has bio degradable/glass packaging and plastic free it gives people the option to choose better. Choose a brand that ticks all the boxes, that works, that smells frigging amazing, that is sustainable, that is free from cruelty & is affordable. THIS is what I want to bring to this planet in this life, I want to inspire, educate & connect people with my brand.

So in saying that we have got a few new products coming out in the next 3 months. EEEEP! ARE YOU EXCITED?

Okay the first product is a BODY BALM this product may replace our current body oils, I say “may” because I know how much you love the body oils, so lets see what product you love better. This balm will be in a bio degradable push up tube, similar to the lip balms but 10x bigger. Essentially its a body moisturizing balm stick. It will be filled with the most delicious, nourishing & skin softening ingredients like mango butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil & avocado oil. The thing I LOVE about this is that they can go straight into your purse and be used anywhere!

Second product release is NATURAL PERFUMES. Am I serious? Hella yeah I am. These perfumes are still naturally derived with blended essential oils, fragrance oils and perfumers alcohol derived from sugar cane. We currently have two collections one which is a spring floral and the second which is a tropical sweet scent.

Third product release is FACIAL SKIN OILS. Clear skin oil & Plump & Glow oil is launching at the end of February in gorgeous 30ml bottles. A touch of elegance with gold and white to connect into the rest of our ranges. The two active oil serums have carefully selected natural oils to target specific skin concerns.

Well I think that’s enough excitement for one blog post. I cannot wait to share what we have been creating and spending time on perfecting. I hope you become as motivated and inspired as I am to try and make an impact even if its a small one.

Much Love,

Christie xo

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