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I cannot believe its almost been one year since we launched The Bod Society. Like where the heck did that year go?!?

If you have been following my journey over the last 12 months you would know that we have made some major changes within our brand. Everything was matte black and we only had three products and three ranges. We have now changed our whole style to white, black and gold, which we think oozes elegance and luxury. We still have our quirky & puny quotes throughout our brand sneakily hidden on the packaging as that’s something I feel brings a little cheekiness to our brand.

My ultimate goal was to have a brand that was completely plastic free, Which I am so excited to be working towards this for my 2019 goal. Removing majority if not all plastics from our product ranges and swapping them for bio degradable tubes or glassware.

We are launching our first facial products this weekend with two glamours oils. Both of these facial oils have been designed to help target two skin types; acne/unbalanced & sensitive/anti-ageing. Both oils have 100% natural ingredients, blended with essential oils for their therapeutic properties & aromas.

For a limited time we have two signature fragrances launching for our birthday weekend also. Something I really want to achieve is to provide a range of products that cater for all areas of natural beauty, so it only seemed right to create a small collection of perfumes.Using sugar cane alcohol base & blended with essential oils and natural fragrances.

With our first birthday fast approaching I would like to say….

I am so grateful.

Through the last year I have met some incredible humans through this journey, friendships & bonds that will last forever. One in particular is my photographer Sarah, Although I am sure she has now learnt about my constant change of mind, potty mouth & loud personality she has stuck around. From the start Sarah has created the most beautiful photographs without hesitation always done above my expectations & proved how talented she truly is.

My suppliers have changed a fair bit & at the end of 2018 I decided to no longer have a manufacturer for a couple of our products and have taken on doing it all myself. This was a blessing in disguise and as much stress that it caused I now know it was for the best.

Without my kick ass graphic designer Karla Baker I wouldn’t have the beautiful branding that I have today. As I said before I changed my mind A LOT ( understatement ha ha) I have lost count of all the changes I have made within the brand and labeling, so without this babe I wouldn’t have been able to finally reach my dreamy design. With all her patients & epic advice this brand has come to life in the last 12 months.

What I have learnt

I have learnt to take my time, If you have been following me or know me personally you would know that i run at 1000 miles an hour pretty much 24/7. This doesn’t always end very well so with this pace of life I made some little mistakes here and there and I know now to slow down, breathe, take the moment in ( good or bad) and come back with a open, positive & fresh mind.

Thank you, for the support, encouragement, love & laughs this last year.

I cant wait to see where we will be in 2020.

Much love,

Christie xo

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