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Its been a few weeks since I have posted and to be honest I have been a tad MIA. Life just gets busy and when you're a one woman band your priorities change slightly. 

I am 26 run two businesses and work pretty much 7 days a week, Staring at 7am and finishing around 10-11pm with Instagram posts, replying to messages for my salon and doing normal adult things like exercising, food, pets and house cleaning & socializing. Its all been a tad over whelming the last few months with the release of our new hand & body washes- side note, who else is obsessed with our new products?  ha ha 

I wanted to talk to you guys about making sure you take time for yourself. We seriously underestimate how much it mentally & physically makes us feel when we become overwhelmed or run down by work. There is already SO much pressure in life to have it all sorted and to look a certain way.  We need to cut ourselves some slack and just DO what our brain, heart and body is telling us. 

Its not selfish to take time off to re inspire & calm your mind. It is actually so important even if its just one day, I highly recommend putting the phone down and off social media for a few days. For me that is the one thing that triggers stress. Social media is like a whole another world, Its fabulous for many things but also almost like mind numbing addiction to just rubbish. I find it really hard to wind down after working and its like my brain doesn't have a rest mode, just go, go, go. Over the years I have found a handful of things that help me to relax and "stop". 

Most ideas start to flow when you actually just STOP and let life roll the way its meant to, for you. This weather also makes it a little impossible for some to be inspired but maybe try looking at it from a different view. The deep grey moody storms rolling in, the sky filled with big marshmallow like clouds. The abundance of life growing in fields with the unlimited ( and somewhat flooding- ha ha) rain. Topping up our soil with nutrients so tiny daisy weeds can grow, your grass to become this luminous lush green and the tiny flowing streams through the bush land. There is so much beauty in winter and I absolutely love it! You should try just going out and exploring after a storm, you'll be amazed mother earth creates a pretty spectacular show. 

While I am still in my "self care/self love" mood I will try keep you guys updated with everything new and up and coming with The Bod Society. 

Wishing you a magical & safe weekend,

Love Christie xo 

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