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Wow! guys, seriously this body wash has rocked my world. It arrived today and I cannot express how stoked I am with it. The refreshing zesty aromas & silky soft lathering. A natural & gentle cleansing body wash derived from coconut & aloe Vera to soothe sensitive dry skin.  I wanted to design something that had a little bit of each of our ranges so we decided to combine all three of our ningaloo, gracetown & coral bay ranges into one amazing product.  

With this it created the most beautiful natural fragrance of essential oils. Below are some fun facts on the benefits of these oils on the skin & mind. In our body wash we added Aloe Vera extract to help aid in healing and soothing of the skin, it also helps to boost hydration especially in the winter months when we have warmer showers. This product is by far one of my favorites I have created so far .



DESCRIPTION: A luxuriously gentle body wash, infused with deeply nourishing aloe Vera extract & coconut oil. Naturally scented with revitalizing and uplifting essential oils of sweet orange, grapefruit & lavender. The perfect blend of hydration & cleansing without drying or irritating the skin.

DIRECTIONS:Did someone get a little dirty? Pump body wash into hands and massage over wet skin creating a lather, Rinse well with water. Suitable for all skin types but we recommend patch testing before use.


ALOE VERA EXTRACT-An incredible source of Vitamin E & C, which is known for its protection against free radicals. A natural healing source that helps to clear blemishes and scars from acne. Aloe Vera may help promote the production of collagen which keeps the skin healthy, plump & glowing.  Aloe Vera is mostly used as a natural remedy to help with the healing of wounds like cuts & burns. The soothing and anti-bacterial properties help to clean and disinfect wounds, which may help to quicken the overall healing process. 

ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL- This uplifting oil is high in vitamin C which helps to reduce the signs of ageing, sun spots & heals the skin. Providing a quick relief for inflammation while relaxing muscles & spasms. A natural disinfectant to help heal wounds, acne & remove toxins in the skin. Orange essential oil has mild aphrodisiac properties, relieves depression and boosts immunity. A fantastic antioxidant nature to help reduce the signs of premature aging healing dermatitis & clearing clogged pores. 

GRAPEFRUIT ESSENTIAL OIL-  Grapefruit essential oil has an uplifting, relaxing & clarifying effect on the mind. It gives positive feelings, aids in depression, relieves anxiety & stress this effect comes from its aroma, and due to its stimulating effects on certain hormones. Grapefruit oil is high in antioxidants which help with inflammation, fatigue, muscle aches and a natural remedy for arthritis. 

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL- Traditionally used to promote relaxation to help with conditions like insomnia, exhaustion, stress, anxiety and soothing the nervous system with its sedative properties. The soothing aroma causes alpha waves in an area of the brain that is responsible for relaxation which helps with deep sleep and relief from migraine headaches. 

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