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Okay so! This is our new little basin addition and we are so "pumped" to share this with you. 

After creating our body oils, scrubs and soaks we decided to expand our ranges and concoct this glorious hand wash. I mean we all wash our hands, well i hope you do- ha ha. But what about a hand wash that ticks all the boxes? donating to animal rescue, natural, recyclable packaging, Eco friendly labels, modern design, cruelty free & vegan! 

By this point I hope you are nodding your head agreeing that, YES! I must have this in all my bathrooms. If only there was some sort of smellagram that you could actually smell this deliciously fresh hand wash through our blog. I guess you will just have to try it for yourself, I promise you wont be dissapointed. 

We went a little different with this product and kept it clean & modern to suit every bathroom. Instead of adding a splash of colour we decided to make a bold impact with design. For those who have been following me on Instagram from the start would know that each range has a quirky part on each product that relates to someone or something significant in my life.  


"Who's a dirty human" Is kinda like an on going joke in our friend circle and thought it was quite fitting for a hand wash. 

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